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The orthodontic patient has specific interests and needs during the course of their life-changing smile transformation.  How would an iPhone or Android app benefit the patient?  For teens, the orthodontic experience is a big part of their lives, which they share regularly with their friends by texting, emailing, and posting on social media sites. 


Within the app, the patient will be able to share their smile creating experience through a feature called TIME LAPSE SMILE.  The patient will be able to take photos of their smile, either up close of the teeth only or a smiling facial view that will be stored in the phone in chronological order, and then replayed in a video at the touch of a button.   The video can be shared with family and friends to keep everyone up to date on their orthodontic experience.    That’s cool stuff, but there’s a whole lot more.  The patient can take a photo or video (VIDEOS and UPDATES) at any time and post to their Facebook or send to a list of friends to share their new colors, treatment progress, and the great final smile the moment braces are removed.    The VIDEO function can also be used to record and store specific instructions such as an example of turning the expander or attaching elastics, on their iPhone for review at a later date if needed.   The TIME LAPSE SMILE can be accessed from the parent screen as well, allowing them to track the progress of the smile under construction, and letting them share with friends and family in the same manner.

The most common question in every orthodontic office is……”When do the braces come off?”  Well, ask no more. The app contains a COUNTDOWN TIMER, to the second, that can keep the patient informed of their all-important end date.   In addition, there is a visual horizontal bar graph that transitions from red to green, left to right, that tracks treatment progress.  A similar feature is in place for the patient wearing clear aligners.  The app will track aligner progress from start to finish, with alerts that remind the patient to change their aligners in order to keep the treatment on course.  The aligner feature can be customized to any aligner changing schedule from 1 day to __ days, making it a great tool for every patient using clear aligners. 
Patient REMINDERS can be set on the SorrisoOrtho app to send scheduled alerts to the iPhone.  Turn the expander, brush your teeth, wear your retainer, schedule a cleaning appointment, check wisdom teeth, wear your elastics, and orthodontic recall are some of the reminders that can be set as alerts which will appear on the phone at set intervals.  For the parent, this takes the place of constantly reminding their child to cooperate with treatment instructions. The teenager’s lifeline now becomes their ‘cooperation counselor’.   This will also serve the parent as a way to be reminded about specific appointments that are not already scheduled, but need to be made upon receiving the alert, like scheduling a cleaning appointment with their hygienist.

An APPOINTMENT feature integrates with the mobile device’s master calendar in a way that a scheduled appointment, with alerts, will appear on the patient’s or parent’s phone reminding them to keep their scheduled appointments with their dentist and orthodontist.  A parent with multiple children in different phases of treatment, from observation to Phase I to Phase II, can keep track of each child separately in the app by creating a profile for each child.  Each child will have full functionality within the app, separate from the functions for a second or third child.  This keeps all the photos, videos, and appointments for each child in their respective directory within the app.  

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