Ortho App for Orthodontists & Dentists

Enhance your patient's orthodontic experience!

The SorrisoOrtho app has the ability to significantly improve communication systems in the typical orthodontic office.  Communication with the patient, parent, and the patient’s dentist/specialist is a critical component of successful orthodontic treatment.  The SorrisoOrtho app improves this communication process by leaps and bounds. 

Instantly communicate with all involved parties

The orthodontic user functions are specifically tailored to make communication as easy as pushing a few buttons on the app.  The REFERRALS feature allows the orthodontist to quickly create a photo, video, voicemail, or email message at the chair using an Apple or Android mobile device to immediately send the message to all involved parties.

Increase referrals and staff productivity

Imagine a patient with poor hygiene having a message sent immediately to mom and dentist within one minute of sitting in the chair.  The staff can convert lost minutes waiting for the doctor into improving communication time with parents and referrals.  Referrals to another specialist can be made in a matter of seconds.  A request for the dentist to call Mom and schedule a hygiene appointment can be sent immediately, rather than waiting until the end of the day, and without switching in and out of different programs on the practice management software.

Put your practice marketing on auto-pilot!

One of the best features of SorrisoOrtho app is the integrated marketing and branding features.  Best part is that it works automatically.  Every time your patient posts his or her picture through their ortho app on their mobile device to their Facebook, your name, office, and website will be branded with the picture.  Now your patients' Facebook friends know where to go and get that beautiful smile.

Offer the app to your patients for FREE.  They'll love it!

When you sign up with Sorriso, have your patients and parents simply go to the app store on their mobile device and type “Sorriso” in the search box. Press “install” and they can download the app for free. Imagine your patients having an app that's tailored to their needs and carries your brand!

Sorriso Presentation

Download a presentation showing some of the features of SorrisoOrtho.

Video Tutorials
The following videos will help you gain a better understanding of SorrisoOrtho App

1.) Setting up your practice on the SorrisoOrtho App

2.) Setting up your patients on SorrisoOrtho App

3.) Sending a referral request

4.) Recording and Sharing Videos

5.) Sending a blast message

6.) Tracking Aligner Progress

7.) Smile Countdown

8.) Sharing updates via email or Facebook

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